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We now offer a wellness workshop that we bring right to your organization. 

We talk about things that are important to the workplace such as burnout prevention, communication skills, coping skills and reducing stress. 

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Live Oak Bank
Wilmington Health

Elevate Coworking Space

On the "What's Up Wilmington" Podcast


Your people

As a fellow leader in the workplace, I know how important the wellness of our people is to us. The whole is only as good as it's parts and if your organization's parts are struggling, it shows. Your people deserve wellness and they may never come into contact with mental health information that is vitally needed, especially today. We can deliver important coping and wellness information to them, right where they are. 

Burnout is on the rise

Let's face it, we've all experienced the stress of these unprecedented times for the last year +. The pandemic, the division, the stress touches all areas of life and the workplace is not immune to this. Let's make it a priority to take care of our people.

the work

Through collaborative team building or speaker style instruction, the Arise Workshop brings information on coping in healthy ways, reducing stress, preventing burnout, and  creating healthy thought patterns to your people. 

ARise who?

Stefanie Roback is the owner of Arise Counseling and Therapy in Wrightsville Beach, NC and lead instructor for The Arise Workshop. She graduated from Columbia University in NYC and is a licensed clinical social worker. She juggles many roles, so she knows the importance of managing mental and emotional wellness to be excellent in the workplace and at home. The most effective place to start the shift the focus to our wellness is at the workplace.

Please contact us at for more information.

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