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The journey towards being intentional with our time, thought processes, relationships and behaviors is incredibly empowering. 


Individual Therapy

We are influenced by our experiences, the things we hear and especially the dialogue we speak to ourselves. Through treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, we can restructure our thought processes and address unwanted behavior. 

Individual therapy begins with an intake session, where I will hear your story, goals and concerns and together we will discuss an action plan moving forward; from frequency of sessions to therapeutic approach in order to attain the goals that you set.  We then move forward to sessions, tailored to your needs and goals and move in a direction of intentionally,  vulnerability and accountability. 


Online Therapy

Using HIPAA compliant software, you can now experience therapy from the comfort of your own home. If you are unable to make it into the office for any reason (i.e. you live in a rural community, do not have transportation, are a new parent or have you a busy schedule) you can still experience the life change that therapy may bring about. You must be a NC resident to engage in this service. 

Couples Counseling & Pre-marital Counseling

Whether you're engaged to be married and looking for some pre-marital counseling, together for a while and experiencing troubles in your relationship or just looking for a space to grow deeper in your connection, counseling can offer that. 

Therapy in Wilmington, North Carolina
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