Insurances & Fees

Therapist/Provider         Intake                              45-min                              Hour                                    Family/Couple

Private Pay (not using insurance)



Stefanie Roback LCSW, LCAS         $135                              $110                            $125                                  $130


Taylor Helms MSW, LCSW                 $125                             $100                              $115                                  $120


Lauren Butler MSW, LCSW-A           $110                               $75                              $95                                    $105

Ashley Toti MSW, LCSW-A                 $110                               $75                              $95                                    $105


Sliding-scale, reduced rate fees are available for every therapist: 

We do not want finances to stand in your way or reduce your ability to seek the assistance you're looking for. Rates can be adjusted based on need, so please feel free to reach out about this. If needed to make therapy more accessible to you, we would love to look into this with you. Please send us an email to learn more. 

Using Your Insurance Plan:


All providers are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and other network status' vary based upon clinician. Please contact us for more specific information. 

In-Network Insurances:



Some insurance companies will allow the utilization of out-of-network benefits if your provider is not in network with them.

Contacting your insurance company prior to your visit to obtain the details of your policy regarding copays and deductible can be helpful. We will do our best to assist you with this!


Scholarship Funds Available for Therapy:


We are preferred providers with This Whole Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that allots scholarship funds for wellness services. To see if you would qualify for use of This Whole Life Foundation scholarship funds for your counseling services at Arise, visit

Benefits of private pay versus use of insurance:

Private pay does not encounter the types of restrictions that utilizing insurance can, including the need for diagnosis at first meeting with insurance use or potential restriction on session frequency or other service limits that can be posed by insurance companies. This can be discussed with your therapist to make the best choice for you.